Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Don't Want a Rabbit by Ingrid Prins

I was given a copy from the publisher in trade for my review.  No other bargains were made.

My rating: ⭐⭐

Timothy doesn’t want a rabbit. But one day, there’s a rabbit at the door.
Timothy tries all kinds of ways to get rid of him, but what’s the best way?
And why doesn’t Timothy want a rabbit?

I Don't Want a Rabbit by Ingrid Prins is suppose to teach us about grief, but Timothy is a mean, miserable little boy, and his parents don't do anything to correct his mean behavior, or to talk to him  about what he was going through.
I am sure that my mom, dad, nana or poppy would sit me down and explain to me that it is okay to love a new pet, and that it doesn't take away from the love that I have towards my other pet.  Gosh.  We really are smarter than a lot of people give us credit for, so I think that most kids know that anyway, but still.
Anyway, the pictures are cute, and the book was okay, even if I do think that Timothy is a brat.  If he were my neighbor, I would march myself right over to his house and say, "Timothy!  You listen here. If you don't want that bunny, and all you want to do is mistreat it, you just hand it over!"

by Ingrid Prins
Illustrated by Jelena Brezovec
Source: Publisher
Published: November 2016 by Clavis
Pages: 32

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